Monday, April 11, 2011

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky BambooLucky Bamboo Plant is the Feng Shui bamboo plant which brings good luck and prosperity to its surrounding environment. The botanical name of this plant is Dracaena and is very easy to maintain. It does not need sunlight or any other condition to survive. It just requires fresh water, once a week and it can survive for years. Therefore, the maintenance cost of this plant is absolutely nothing. Lucky Bamboo is considered very auspicious for a place where money is kept.

It can also be kept at the places indicated by the Bagua map. Growing the lucky bamboo plant not only attracts good fortune, but also restores the flow of chi at the place where energy flow has been restricted. As it enhances the circulation of positive energy, it is considered very good to place it near a person whose health needs to be improved. Apart from being sturdy, Lucky Bamboo is quite pleasant in appearance. It is usually seen in jade color and is also very flexible.

The most striking feature of the plant is that it can grow in any condition, at any place. As it does not require sunlight, it is ideal for the places which need to be brightened up and which do not receive any natural light. Thus, the dark spots in your house are no more a problem, as the lucky bamboo plant will enhance both light and energy amount in the area. The lucky bamboo is also important due to the fact that it is a combination of all the five elements of Feng Shui like

Wood - The bamboo itself
Earth - The rocks the plant grows in
Water - The water the plant grows with
Fire - Most pots usually have a red ribbon tied to them
Metal - The glass pots belong to the metal element.

Even if the Bamboo is planted in a pot other than glass (i.e. clay or ceramics), it will usually contains either a metal coin, or a metal figurine with it. While buying a lucky bamboo, keep in mind the number of stalks, as different number refers to different purpose, for e.g.
  • 3 for Happiness
  • 5 for Health
  • 2 for Love & Marriage
  • 8 for Wealth and Abundance
  • 9 for Good Fortune and Happiness.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Money Help

We all need a little money help from time to time. If you consistently use the principles below, you will notice an increase in the prosperity that you attract to yourself on a daily basis. 

Money Help - Top Ten Ways To Attract Money
1. Know What You Want
Don't just think you want something. 
Know it! Most of us know exactly what we don't want in our lives. We have to become just as clear about what it is we do want. Knowing that you want to make $10,000 a month or more is much clearer than just knowing you want more money.
2. Listen to Your Gut
Pay attention to what your gut or intuition is telling you and 
act on it. Often we ignore the many signals our inner selves give us or say to ourselves, "That's crazy, I can't do that." Your intuition will lead you where you need to go in order to get the money help you need...if you let it.
3. Use Positive Money Affirmations
Write a short 
positive affirmation that states your money goal. For example: "$10,000 easily flows into my life each month."
(Put in affirmation information in italics to separate the paragraph.
1. Make sure that your affirmation is taking place in the HERE and NOW
- You don't want to say, "I will be prosperous," as this indicates to the subconscious that being rich is not important to you NOW but sometime in the future. 
2. Use the first person when stating positive affirmations. For example, "I am healthy, wealthy and wise."
- To add even more power to the affirmation include your full name in the statement, i.e. "I, Jane Doe, am healthy, wealthy and wise."
- I've found that using You statements in affirmations is also very effective. An example, "You, Jane Doe, are healthy, wealthy and wise."
- These are the most common beginnings to positive success affirmations that are used: "I AM..." "I HAVE..." "I CHOOSE..." "I CAN..."
3. Make sure to work with only one or two affirmations at a time. This will give them the chance to work on your subconscious mind.
4. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. You won't get effective results if you say your affirmation once in the morning and never again.

4. Visualize Your Goal
See yourself living the life you would lead if money were no object. Create a moving picture of all the things you would be, do and have when your money goals are realized. Allow it to become so real in your mind's eye that you actually 
experience the feelings of safety, joy and freedom that having money brings to you.
5. Get In The Flow
Step into the flow of the Universe and ask for money help. Whatever power or deity you subscribe to, ask for some guidance. 
Get quiet at some point each and every day and ask to  be alert to your highest good, ask to be in the right place at the right time, ask to know what your life purpose is and how you can best serve others'. Ask and ye shall receive ;o)
6. Get Moving
Wishing just ain't gonna make it so. You need to take action! I know from personal experience that making changes is often uncomfortable and sometimes even downright terrifying. Even when I know these changes are for the good.
Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, 'Always do what you are afraid to do'." A great book by Susan Jeffers says the same thing but in a different way, "Feel the fear and do it anyway!" The great thing is, once you take even a small step towards your goal, the Universe will place opportunities in your path.
7. Listen To Your Self-Talk
Pay close attention to what your mind is mumbling to you. We all have some pretty heavy negative programming going on up there, especially where money is concerned. A question I ask myself often when I notice that my self-talk is negative is, "Do I really want what I just thought to manifest in my life within the next 3 minutes?" If I don't, I 
cancel the thought and replace it with a more positive, uplifting one.
8. Ride the Waves
Life isn't always a calm sea. Sometimes we have to hold on tight and ride the waves that threaten to overtake us. Use these times to look for opportunities, because they are always there. It's easy to blame circumstances when things get tough but blaming or despairing over something doesn't move us forward to where we want to be. As Carl Sagan said, 
"It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."
9. De-clutter Your Life
Clean up! Not just your home or office but your relationships both personal and professional. You can't work at your best if your life is full of clutter. It may sound harsh but let go of those people who suck the energy right out of you, leaving you feeling like a wet dishrag. Throw out anything in your home or office that you haven't used for over a year. You'll be amazed at how 
light and creative you feel once you've de-cluttered your life and how quickly the money help you've asked for starts manifesting!
10. Nurture Your Passions
Love gardening? Love motorcycles? Whatever your passions are, nurture them. Think you can't make a living at something you're passionate about? You'd be surprised! It's 
easy and fun to build a business based upon your passion for a subject! Our passions reveal to us our life purpose. It's our inner selves letting us know what will bring money, love and joy into our lives. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Health Feng Shui

Health Feng Shui

Health Feng ShuiAs there is an old saying 'Health is Wealth', one cannot ignore the growing health hazards in today's world. Feng Shui is not a healing science and depends mainly on the nature for its effects. More concisely the harmony of elements and the positive energy (called Chi' or cosmic Qi) is very important for good health. The quantity of Chi bears direct connection with the percentage of fungus in the air. Apart from this, all the elements should be in the harmony so that they contribute to achieve the desired effect. The element Earth is responsible for looking after the health luck. It is the ruling element of the health corner and should be placed on the wall opposite to T'ien yi, to ensure good health.

A good night sleep is very necessary for a healthy mind and body. It has a profound influence on your health and determines how well you function during the day. To ensure you sleep well you should keep some very basic feng Shui tips in mind. The color of the walls of your bedroom should be in soft pastel colors, to give a soothing and relaxed feel. The bed sheets should also be preferably of light colors. However, to brighten your spirits you can opt for red color. Keep your bed sheets and pillows clean and keep changing them regularly. You should throw all the clutter out of your room

Keep only bed sheets and towels in the bed draws. Avoid mirrors and electronic gadgets in your bedroom, as they hinder the sleeping patterns. Television and computers should be avoided at all cost. Moreover, they serve as mirrors after being switched off and should be covered during the night. Married couples relations can be affected, if the mirror directly reflects the bed. Another important aspect is the bathroom, which greatly affects the health and prosperity in the house. Always keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down. Put some fresh plants in the bedroom for keeping the area vitalized.

Lighting plays an important role in the overall environment of the space of your house. It sets the mood and strongly stimulates the thought process of the residents. Therefore, one should keep the lightning in mind while arranging and designing the lighting of ones house. The amount of light should be balanced in every sense. It should be neither too harsh, nor too light. It should be appropriate and should not be overdone. Go for soft lampshades and avoid spotlights. Hang crystals in the windows to maximize the effect.

Feng Shui Objects for Health 

Lead Crystal Sphere
This crystal enhances the flow of Chi in your space and makes the environment congenial for the occupants.

Longevity Immortal
One of the famous three immortals, Sau, symbolizes Longevity. It possesses many symbols of long life like, a bald high cranium, a peach wood staff and a peach in his hand. The peach symbolizes marriage, immortality and good health.

Energy Balls
Energy Balls are another Chinese device meant for boosting health. These are two metal balls with high and low sound plates inside. They increase strength and cure diseases.

Special Pebble
As the name suggests, Special Pebble is quite special - owing to its healing properties. When put in a container of spring water, it affects the water and transforms it to a powerful healing elixir.

Amethyst is a stone and possesses strong spiritual energy. It supports meditation and activates intellectual side of a person's life. It improves immunity system and enhances psychic skills and intuition too.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Candles For Meditation

Candles are often used during meditation. They are very soothing and help bring about a calm atmosphere to get your mind and body in a peaceful state. The candles alone help enhance the meditation, but using colored candles provides a deeper meditation experience. These candles are often referred to as Chakra candles and they are composed of colors and fragrances which will enhance particular Chakras, and are used during meditation for this reason.
Each colored candle has a different meaning and by focusing on that color and it's meaning, you can harness the power of the candle. I've listed a few of the colors and their meanings below:
Red - Red represents passion, power, and energy whether creative or physical. If you want to bring a boost of energy into your life, focus on this candle during meditation.
Black - Black candles represent protection from harm. They are considered to stop negative thoughts and are often used during times of loss such as the end to a relationship or when a friend or family members passes on.
Dark Pink - A dark pink candle focuses on love and spiritual healing. If you are looking for pure unconditional love and desire to truly connect with someone then this is the candle to focus your energy on.
White - White is a very popular candle. It is used to bring a higher awareness. If your goal is to attain peace within yourself and to focus your energy on spirituality, then this is the candle to use.

These are just 4 of the many colors available for meditation. Whether you are using Black Candles to ward off negative thoughts, or a dark pink candle to bring love, focusing on the candles flame and embracing's its energy will certainly enhance your meditation experience. Incorporate the candle into your usual meditation routine, focus on its flame and breathe in the energy of the candle and breathe out releasing the negative energy.