Sunday, April 3, 2011

Candles For Meditation

Candles are often used during meditation. They are very soothing and help bring about a calm atmosphere to get your mind and body in a peaceful state. The candles alone help enhance the meditation, but using colored candles provides a deeper meditation experience. These candles are often referred to as Chakra candles and they are composed of colors and fragrances which will enhance particular Chakras, and are used during meditation for this reason.
Each colored candle has a different meaning and by focusing on that color and it's meaning, you can harness the power of the candle. I've listed a few of the colors and their meanings below:
Red - Red represents passion, power, and energy whether creative or physical. If you want to bring a boost of energy into your life, focus on this candle during meditation.
Black - Black candles represent protection from harm. They are considered to stop negative thoughts and are often used during times of loss such as the end to a relationship or when a friend or family members passes on.
Dark Pink - A dark pink candle focuses on love and spiritual healing. If you are looking for pure unconditional love and desire to truly connect with someone then this is the candle to focus your energy on.
White - White is a very popular candle. It is used to bring a higher awareness. If your goal is to attain peace within yourself and to focus your energy on spirituality, then this is the candle to use.

These are just 4 of the many colors available for meditation. Whether you are using Black Candles to ward off negative thoughts, or a dark pink candle to bring love, focusing on the candles flame and embracing's its energy will certainly enhance your meditation experience. Incorporate the candle into your usual meditation routine, focus on its flame and breathe in the energy of the candle and breathe out releasing the negative energy.

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