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What Are Angels?

•  Angels are androgynous high spiritual beings. Intermediaries or messengers between God and humans. It doesn't matter if we prayer to God or the angels. The angels take the prayers to God. Angels exist is most religions and cultures of the world. Angels are mentioned more frequently in the Koran than there are in the Bible.

•  Angels exist on a much higher frequency than humans, which is normally beyond our range of hearing or sight. In the same way that we are unable to see x-rays or hear the high tones of a dog whistle.

•  They exist in the seventh dimension or the seventh heaven, as it is known.

•  They are on a different evolutionary hierarchy than humans and in the majority of cases they have not incarnated as humans (i.e. have not gone through the physical birth process). There are some exceptions; Mother Mary (Queen of the Angels) and the prophets Enoch (Archangel Metatron) and Elijah (Archangel Sandalphon).

•  They may appear to a human in a variety of forms, usually so they do not frighten. Often they may appear in human form without wings. For example there are many stories of help arriving from nowhere when someone is stranded at night or someone is injured. Then they disappear afterwards without a trace.

•  People may sense them - see colors, smell pleasant odors, feel a draft of air or gentle touch or just have a sense there is something there. Some people are fortunate enough to see them, particularly in meditation.

•  Unlike humans they do not have free will. Their will is the Divine will. Therefore they are unable to assist us unless we request their help, but they are sometimes able to influence our thoughts and actions and can intervene in rare circumstances, for example in an accident, when it is not our time to pass over.

•  Since the angels are on a higher frequency than us, it is sometimes difficult for them to lower their vibration to meet ours. We must therefore help by raising our energies and increasing our light: being calm, relaxed, in nature, living a spiritual life, surrounding ourselves with pleasant objects, pictures, music and eating wholesome food etc. We can work at purifying our heart, bringing angelic qualities in to our lives: peace, love, compassion, harmony, forgiveness etc. When we visualize ourselves surrounded by gold and our auras being filled with golden light, the angels are able to draw closer to us.

•  There are many types of angels ready and willing to assist us. We each have a Guardian angel who stays with us through all lifetimes. We also have an angel assigned to this lifetime and for particular projects or episodes we might encounter. There are the mighty Archangels, such as Michael and Raphael, who can be called upon for protection or healing respectively. There are also angels of Peace, Prosperity and Singing etc. Thousands of angels are now drawing close to the Earth, as we move towards important spiritual times. We only have to ask, as them can only help us if we do so.

Angels Governing the Twelve Months of the Year

January:    Gabriel         July:    Verchiel
February:    Barchiel         August:    Hamaliel
March:    Machidiel         September:    Uriel
April:    Asmodel         October:    Barbiel
May:    Ambriel         November:    Adnachiel
June:    Muriel         December:    Hanael

Angels Governing the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Aries:    Machidiel         Libra:    Uriel
Taurus:    Asmodel         Scorpio:    Barbiel
Gemini:    Ambriel         Sagittarius:    Adnachiel
Cancer:    Muriel         Capricorn:    Hanael
Leo:    Verchiel         Aquarius:    Gabriel
Virgo:    Hamaliel         Pisces:    Barchiel

Angels Governing the Days of the Week

Monday:    Gabriel             
Tuesday:    Chamuel or Zamael             
Wednesday:    Raphael or Michael             
Thursday:    Sachiel or Tzaphiel             
Friday:    Haniel or Anael             
Saturday:    Cassiel or Tzaphiel             
Sunday:    Michael or Raphael             

 The Archangels

Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel Metatron, Michael Raphael, Sandalphon ,Uriel ,Zadkiel

The mighty Archangels are very powerful spiritual beings. It is said that they predate us by millions of years and that they were our first teachers on the spiritual path.

Traditionally there are seven Archangels, who are assisting humanity at this time. Most religions and cultures recognise Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel (some say Ariel), whilst the names of the other 3 archangels vary.

There are many other mighty archangels that exist to help and many thousands are being drawn to the Earth at these times, from distant universes.

They are architects and mighty healers working at a cosmic level, helping us with every project on the earth from the smallest to the largest. They are not restricted by our laws of time and space and can therefore appear and help in many places at the same time. They follow Divine Law and so are unable to interfere with the free will on man. We must ask them for assistance.

Each Archangel radiates unique Divine qualities associated with a particular ray of spiritual light, which focuses on the chakras (energy centres of the body). They also have a divine partner or twin flame known as an Archeia. Each has a retreat in the etheric above the earth, where we can ask to be taken in sleep or meditation, for learning and guidance.

The help of the Archangels can be requested at any time. In fact they can only help when we ask them to. This is because they have a single purpose of serving the Divine and are not permitted to intervene in the free will of man, unless asked.

Archangel Chamuel

His name means ‘He who sees God’.

He works on the the third ray (pink) of unconditional love.

He works with the heart chakra and the pink ray of unconditional love and compassion. He can be invoked to help in situations where forgiveness is required, helping to remove angel, hatred and resentment from our hearts, replacing it with love, harmony and compassion. He helps to open the heart on an individual level and also on a cosmic level.

He works on the heart chakra.

His twin flame is Charity.

His etheric retreat is in St Louis, Missouri

Archangel Gabriel
His name means ‘God is my Strength’.

He works on the forth ray (white) of purity.

Archangel Gabriel can be called upon to bring order, clarity and understanding. He can help you find your true path in life or direct you towards your next step.

He is the messenger Archangel and is remembered as being the Archangel that appeared at the birth of Jesus. For this reason he is also often associated with pregnancy and the birth process and can therefore be invoked for assistance during these times.

He also brings the qualities of joy, grace, clarity and order to your life opening you to sympathy, understanding and generosity and clearing negative emotions and beliefs.

His colour is white and he is associated with the base and sacral chakras.

His twin flame is Hope.

His etheric retreat is in Mount Shasta, California and he has a retreat at Findhorn, Scotland allowing purification and awakening.

Archangel Jophiel

His name means ‘Beauty of God’.

He works on the second ray (yellow) of Divine wisdom.

He brings the qualities of wisdom and illumination and is associated with the crown chakra. Using golden yellow light he inspires the mind, installing Divine Wisdom.

He is the Archangel of teachers and students and may be called upon in any situation that involves education and learning, helping us to learn at the highest-level possible, using his power to inspire us, so people can become open minded and wise.

He can help by giving you foresight in difficult situations.

He works on the crown chakra.

His twin flame is called Christine.

His etheric retreat is south of the Great Wall in China.

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron sits on a throne along side the Throne of God.

He acts as the Heavenly scribe, recording every event that occurs and maintains the Akashic and Karmic records of both individuals and the whole planet.

He holds the Divine blueprint of creation and may be seen holding the metatronic cube. A 3 dimensional structure of sacred geometry which contains all the sacred geometry forms of the Universe.

In Kabbalistic traditions Metatron governs Kether or crown and as such is called the King of the Angels or the Supreme Angel.

More information....

Archangel Michael

The name Michael means ‘Who is like God’.

He works on the first ray (blue) of power and will.

He is the warrior Archangel and probably the most well known and favourite of the Archangels. He bears a fiery sword of truth and a shield of protection.

Archangel Michael can be called upon to give strength and courage and for protection: Invoke him to place his dark blue cloak of protection around your shoulders and to stand at your side in challenging situations.

He can also be called upon to cut unnecessary or unwanted ties, cords and links with people and situations that no longer serve you. Invoke him in meditation to use his sword of truth to cut the cords.

He is associated with the throat chakra.

His twin flame is Faith

His etheric retreat is above Lake Louise (the Emerald Lake) at Banff in Canada

Archangel Raphael

His name means ‘God has Healed’.

He works on the fifth ray (emerald green) of harmony.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, harmony and abundance. He can be invoked to bring healing into a situation, calling upon his emerald green cloak to be placed around someone for their highest good.

He is also the angel of travellers, helping them on their journeys and keeping them safe. Ask for him to oversee your travels, whenever you embark on a journey. Or request he travel with a loved one, such as a child walking to school. He helps bring forth the qualities of truth and vision and so enhancing your sense of justice,

He works with the brow (third eye chakra)

His twin flame is Mother Mary

His etheric retreat is in Fatima, Portugal.

Archangel Sandalphon

His name means 'co-brother'.

Sandalphon is the Guardian angel over the Earth Kingdom and patron angel of music and Heavenly song.

He is responsible for bringing the original blueprint of humanity and all beings in the physical world into existence and so can also act as guide, helping steer you in the right direction.

He also decides on the gender of an embryo.

Sandalphon is considered to be the tallest of angels, being described as over 500 years tall.

He is the twin brother of Metatron and between them, they carry your prayers to God.

More information....

Archangel Uriel

His name means ‘Fire of God’.

He is working on the sixth ray (purple and gold) of devotional idealism.

Archangel Uriel brings wisdom and peace. Can upon him to enfold situations or countries that are in disharmony. He will respond with his legions of peace angels to flood an area with loving qualities, helping to finds serenity, brotherhood and sisterhood.

He works with the Solar Plexus chakra, where we feel our emotions and in particular fear. Invoking him can calm jangled emotional state and soothe fears, bringing peace into our lives.

He works on the Solar Plexus chakra.

His twin flame is Aurora

Archangel Zadkiel

His name means ‘Righteousness of God’

He is working on the seventh ray (violet) of transmutation.

Archangel Zadkiel works on the silver ray of mercy and grace and is associated with the violet flame of transmutation, which is under the guardianship of Saint Germain. They can both be invoked to surround a person or situation with the silver violet flame of Transmutation and Mercy. This is one of the most powerful transmutational tools available to humanity at this time. He helps people find forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance

Archangel Zadkiel works with the Soul Star chakra - 6 inches above the top of our heads.

His twin flame is Amethyst.

His retreat is in Cuba.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gratitude Journal

How to Create a Gratitude Journal


A black/ Blue Pen
A blank Journal or Spiral Notebook
Favorite Magazines or Used Newspaper
Glue Stick
Colored Markers

If you want to change your life, you need to learn how to appreciate what you have now.  This is where the Gratitude Journal comes in. The Gratitude Journal will help you become a magnet to positive change. It will help you focus on all the wonderful things that are in your life.  Below you will see how easy it is to start your very own Gratitude Journal.

Step One: Cut out pictures from magazine that remind you what are grateful for.

Exp: Picture of your House, Family, Car ..etc.  You can even cut out great words to describe your feelings.

After you cut out your photos, clue them to your blank page and write a caption of your picture and write that you are grateful for ??? Fill up your page with as many pictures as you like. This will make this fun, and you will want to do this daily.  

* Remember this is yours to have fun with, there is no wrong way  to do this. You can be grateful for your boss, you can be grateful for being first in line in the supermarket... etc.  

If you do this religiously, day after day. You will notice that your days will get better, and you will have more to be grateful for .

*** I would love to hear from you, and what has happened in your life since you started your Gratitude Journal!**

Sunday, March 20, 2011

21 Days to Positive Change

It is important to think that you do have control of your destiny. You are not stuck in your current reality forever, because you are the ultimate creator of your life.  It is truly possible to just turn things around in only a 21 day period.  The key is to change your thoughts in your head with simple "AFFIRMATIONS" . If you think of these 3 simple positive affirmations,  LOVE,  HEALTH and WEALTH!  If you adopt these words in your every day vocabulary, and say them to yourself daily for 21 days with out skipping a day..Your life will change forever. You will become a magnet to everything wonderful.  

TIPS: Post these affirmations all over your house, and in your car so you will be reminded of these wonderful words.  

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Karma, Reincarnation, Nonduality and Spirit

Karma is the concept that the individual's actions determine his fate, whether in this or in a future life, and that every action has to be balanced in some way. By doing certain actions, certain energies are set in motion, which bring certain effects. It is a way to restore balance in the Universe, and is not punishment for one's actins.

Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul in a new body, while Karma affects the new body and determines the circumstances into which it is born. Both of them can explain a lot of things in each one's life. A life of comfort and success means that the person performed good deeds in a previous life, and a life of difficulties, failure and adversities is a retribution for negative past actions.

According to Eastern philosophies there are three kinds of karma. The first is the karma that one is going through now, in this life, and which is payment for past deeds. The second kind is that which is waiting in store, and will manifest in a future life. The third is that which a person is creating right now, with his present actions.

The question is, do you, the real you, reincarnate and is affected by karma? Who are you? Are you your thoughts and feelings, and do they reincarnate? Thoughts and feelings are passing visitors. One moment certain thoughts and feelings pass through your mind, and the next moment you are aware of other thoughts and feelings. This means that you are neither of them, and are only their host for a little while.

It is said that it is the soul that reincarnates, but what is the soul? This is an ambiguous term. If someone says, "my soul reincarnates" or "my soul is eternal", he is actually saying that there are two different entities. There is he, and there is his soul, which means that he is not the soul. Forgive me for the comparison, but it is like saying, "I have a pair of shoes", "I have a car" and "I have a soul". It is regarded as a possession. This means that it is possible to be "with a soul" and "without a soul". Does this sound reasonable to you?
If a soul is a "possession", then who is the owner? This owner must be more important then the soul!

I would like to introduce you to a perspective that comes from the Eastern nonduality tradition. It says that there is just one kind of energy, power or spirit filling the whole Universe. This power "playfully" expresses itself through myriads of forms, which it has "created" from itself. Each form erroneously considers itself as a separate entity, and passes through various experiences. It is one and indivisible power seeing the world through the eyes of the many forms it has created.

Each entity feels that it is living a unique life with past present and future, and has its own mind and feelings. If we accept the nonduality philosophy, we have to accept that there is just One Spirit, not many, and that this Spirit never actually reincarnates, and the karma it undergoes is illusory. Then who is it that goes through karma and reincarnation?
The practical conclusion is that though people encounter different situations and live in different circumstances, deep within all are indivisible part of the same One Spirit. This Spirit is not touched or affected by situations or circumstances. It means that from the viewpoint of the Spirit, karma and reincarnation are illusory. When one is able to realize this understanding on a deep level, one goes beyond karma and reincarnation.

When the Consciousness of the Spirit is "awakened", through concentration and meditation, one realizes that he is an integral part of the eternal and undivided Spirit. He experiences a Spiritual Awakening, and then both reincarnation and karma lose their meaning, power and reality.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Build Wealth

You deserve wealth! Learn how to let go of guilt so you can enjoy prosperity.

You Deserve Wealth

Money: Nothing is more charged with emotion and neurosis. It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. I disagree. I believe that it is only when our love of money is in conflict with our love of people, that harm is created.

Prosperity is our right. Healthy wealth doesn’t deprive, it only offers: charity, jobs, benefactors, opportunities and inspiration. Unfortunately, much wealth comes from a sick soul. Oppression, exploitation, and other forms of greed leave us apprehensive about the nature of wealth. Since none of us want to be poor, we who are spiritual have great internal conflict. At what cost is our good fortune? Thankfully, there is a cure for this conundrum. By  understanding how we can have a healthy relationship with money, we can have both financial freedom and a clear conscience. 

Arnold Patent; author of You Can Have It All, says: “Money is nothing but energy. We know that all energy is love; therefore money and love are equivalent.”
Healthy wealth can be defined as, the ability to provide and maintain an appropriate standard of security and comfort. The problem is that many of have such low self-worth, that what we consider appropriate for ourselves is actually deprivation. We deny ourselves. As spiritual people, many of us will walk around naked to clothe someone else. We believe this is noble. We are right. But we forget that there is enough in the universe for all, and that no loving God would deprive any of us. He doesn’t. The Universe created us equal, and would like us to share the world’s wealth and resources equally. The Universe does not create poverty. This is the domain of the human failing of greed. 
We deserve affluence.

We sabotage ourselves instead.We splurge, gamble, waste, mismanage, and turn down opportunities to move ahead. This is not because we lack intelligence (there are many brilliant and impoverished), but because we unconsciously feel unworthy. Why? Though self-esteem is a very complex issue, often, unnecessary guilt is a major factor in pushing away success. Guilt is a noiseless mantra that says: “You don’t deserve, you don’t deserve, you don’t deserve.” There are many excuses for guilt, but rarely any reasons. Often, perfectionists carry extra guilt. Though perfectionism is praised in our competitive world, it is a detriment to our mental health. Accepting and learning from mistakes is healthy. Reliving them again and again, and cursing them is not.

Letting go of guilt is a daunting task. For many, feeling undeserving allows us to stay in a comfortable rut. For example, though we may hate our dead-end job, we know our dead-end job. We know the people, the routine, and who’s going to nag us at precisely what hour. Often, letting go of guilt means letting go of familiarity. 
Moving ahead means leaving behind. 

Releasing guilt is about challenging perspective. Often, we attribute a chaos-causing power to ourselves that we simply don’t have. We blame ourselves when it rains. Also, many of us remember things inaccurately, especially regarding early childhood. This is why so many children blame themselves for their parent’s divorce. Sharing memories with an objective, sensitive person can shed new light on old perceptions. A trip down memory lane with someone that cares about and supports our growth- is a brave step in the right direction. 
Changing the blame cycle includes crediting ourselves, at least inwardly, for the positive things that happen. This is healthy. Through our thoughts and actions, all of us have created both positive and negative in life. Most of us seem to expect only the results of the negative. This is the essence of anxiety: Awaiting an undefined doom. It may be helpful to remember that when Jesus said, “You will reap what you have sown,” he meant both the bad and the good.

Patience is Prosperity.
Immediate gratification: Our culture celebrates it. Overcoming this mentality is part of what separates those who struggle from those who succeed. Those with patience never settle; realizing that they deserve abundance, they wait for affluence to arrive. In contrast, impulsive people deprive themselves, grabbing whatever is immediate even if it’s substandard. After all, they tell themselves, nothing better will arrive. This means gambling instead of investing, renting instead of mortgaging, and always buying at full price. 

How do we know when we’ve found balance between indulgence and denial? Neither is desirable. When we squander we destroy the future, and when we hoard we can’t enjoy the present. One characteristic of inner stability is the combination of a hopeful attitude towards the future and contentment in the current moment. Having prosperity-consciousness is more than just wealth. It is a holistic outlook that extends worldwide. The healthy-wealthy understand that money doesn’t exist in a vacuum: For someone to receive, someone has to give. The rewards of abundance also carry responsibility. How we distribute the energy of money is important

What we give returns to us multiplied.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Affirmations - When, how, and How Many Affirmations?


Affirmations should be positive, in the present tense, and use everyday language. Always focus on the state desired, and leave out the negative aspects of what you seek to change. Affirmations take some time to be effective, and are used to counter act negative traits you affirm, as well as create positive traits you desire.
Affirmations are an innate aspect of humane nature, and have been used since we had language. Its simply something you say to yourself that confirms your current emotional state.
We can use affirmations to create wealth, be successful, and accomplish any goal. We use affirmations to build our self-esteem, increase positive aspects of our self-image, and become more secure within our self. We use affirmations to help us get rid of anxiety, anger, or depression and to relieve. We can also use them to control our fear, and instill courage. Affirmations are used by therapists, success gurus, and in all areas of self-help, personal growth, and self improvement.
So let us presume you're ready to start the entire process, you've identified the negatively charged affirmations you repeat to yourself daily, you've created alternative positively charged affirmations, and you want some information and guidance about HOW to use them.
When it comes to the daily repeated negative affirmations there's a different technique than when you're trying to instill a trait you do not currently posses. I'd like to go over the exact method that is most accurate, precise, and more importantly, efficient. What we are trying and will accomplish, is to target your sub-conscious mind into creating states you desire by erasing the negative, and or creating positive experiences.
First thing Id like to clear up, is that there are no 'right' ways, and everyone can do this differently. In fact I suggest you dabble and find out whats the most comfortable manner for you to use your affirmations. As a rule of thumb, write down, in two lists, the affirmations you'd like to counter, and the affirmations you'd like to use.
As a matter of fact, you can use three lists if you would like to be the most efficient. One list contains the negatively charged affirmations you have become aware of, the second list contains the positively charged counter acting affirmations, and the third list contains positive affirmations persisting to the traits you would like to instill in yourself.
Now that you have three lists, I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Your sub-conscious is overloaded or overwhelmed with data everyday. It basically tries figure out what is garbage and what isn't. Psychologists say you have to repeat an affirmation three times for it to get into your sub-conscious effectively.
My point is that you shouldn't be spitting out affirmations left and right, confusing your sub-conscious. What you want to do is 'focus-fire' your affirmations. Prioritize which traits are most detrimental to your life and mental health. Target these four to six traits, and use your positively charged affirmations to remedy them.
After you've taken care of your negative traits four to six at a time, move on to positive traits you'd like to instill. The underlying assumption is that your subconscious is overloaded, and by focusing on just a few at a time it's more effective.
Speaking from experience, the first time I researched and bought books about psychology, affirmations, and self help, I thought it was a load of cow crap and I could handle the massive list of affirmations I created. I used self hypnosis, self created audio CDs with relaxing music and my own voice spewing dozens of affirmations, and it had little effect. I quit for a while and then went back to it after my business was in trouble, but this time I followed the rules.
Using four to five at a time I tackled laziness, over eating, and mild forms of depression like anxiety and immobilization. My business succeeded and here I am today trying to spread the wealth. Next time I'll inform all of you how to create your own hypnosis scripts, using affirmations targeted specifically for you! 

Until next time then! I hope to see you in the lands of success and happiness!

Good Fortune Affirmations

GOOD FORTUNE Affirmations

All my prospects bring me abundant good fortune.

Amazing coincidences come into my life on a regular basis.

At every turn, opportunity appears before me.

Endless opportunities appear in my life.

Every day brings me endless good fortune.

Every day I am surrounded by an abundance of opportunities.

Every day I attract lucky happenstances into my life.

Every day I celebrate my continued good fortune.

Every day in every way I am attracting more and more luck into my life.

Everything I do brings me great success.

Everything I touch brings me further good fortune.

Everything is going my way.

Fantastic new opportunities come into my life every day.

Fantastic opportunities greet me at every turn.

Good fortune is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Good luck comes to me effortlessly.

Good luck flows into my life every day.

Good news visits me regularly.

Great things keep blessing my life.

I affirm abundant good luck throughout my day.

I always get what I wish for.

I always land on my feet.

"Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer.” - Unknown

I always seem to be in the right place at the right time.

I am a luck magnet.

I am a magnet for good luck.

I am a powerful luck magnet.

I am a vacuum for lucky happenstances.

I am always ‘up’ on my luck.

I am always in the right place at the right time with the right frame of mind.

I am always in the right place at the right time.

I am always prepared. That is why I am so lucky.

I am constantly drawing good luck towards me.

I am good fortune made flesh.

I am good luck personified.

I am incredibly lucky.

I am lucky in everything I do.

I am my own
good luck charm.

I am the luckiest man/woman in the world.

I am the luckiest person alive!

I am the world’s greatest gook luck charm.

I attract good luck into my life by imagining the very best at all times.

I continuously embed powerful
good luck messages into my mind.

I create my own luck as I go along.
"Men of action are favored by the Goddess of luck.” - George S. Clason

I create my own luck every day.

I draw lucky opportunities towards me.

I expect good fortune every moment of my life.

I expect good luck at all times.

I expect great things to happen every day of my life.

I expect the best and I always get it.

I expect to be lucky every day.

I feel like the luckiest person alive.

I feel really lucky today.

I feel the powerful presence of good luck every day.

I focus all my attention on the good fortune I desire.

I focus all my thoughts on good luck, and good luck comes into my life.

I focus on being lucky at every opportunity.

Attract more luck into your life!

I have a good luck charm that never fails me.

I have created a lucky mindset.

I have empowered my being with infinite good fortune.

I have trained my mind to create good luck every day.

I live a charmed life.

I make my own luck by thinking good fortune at all times.

I make my own luck by expecting it every day.

I practice the feeling of good fortune at every opportunity.

I see endless opportunities before me.

I spread good fortune wherever I go.

I totally believe in luck… that is why it works for me.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

I was born under a lucky star.

I welcome endless good fortune into my life.

I welcome serendipity in my life.

I’m lucky in life!

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited good fortune.
Lady luck follows me wherever I go.

Lady luck is my constant companion.
Lady luck is on my side.

Lady luck loves me today!

My good fortune increases every day.

My good luck is solely a product of my
positive thoughts and actions.

My life is constantly attracting good fortune.

My positive mindset ensures that I am always lucky.

My run of good luck is endless.

My whole life is one lucky streak.

My world is filled with abundant good luck.

Serendipity is my constant companion.

Terrific opportunities come to me every day.

The more I accept good luck, the more of it I experience.

The smarter I work, the luckier I am.

Things are going my way!

Today I bless my being with limitless good fortune.

Today I welcome abundant good luck into my life.

Whomever I meet, good fortune is bestowed upon them.

Windfalls come my way regularly.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more luck into my life.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to experience things which make us happy. Each one of us has a lot of wants and wishes which have remained unfulfilled. But it is our desires that bring unhappiness to our life. Equip yourself with the basics of law of attraction and you will become empowered enough to drive your life to happiness.
Desire, perhaps, is the most wonderful thing one can experience. The reason why this world came into existence is this desire. It is due to desires only that we come together, physically and metaphysically to create new life.
Every one of us would be delighted if we had a magic mantra or a genie who would make true every wish that we have garnered in our life. But the fact is we need not possess anything like a mantra or genie to make this happen. There is a lot of power endowed into us. We just have to discover and unleash it for our benefit.
The Bible has said that we, human beings, are the image of God. It also says the results that we experience are due to the actions we have taken in the past. That is we create and by that we are God, endowed with power of creation. We can co- create what we desire by our unwavering focus on our thoughts. Prayer is a beautiful way to ask for God’s help and the best prayer is to imagine to already have what we desire and express gratitude for the same. This is called affirmative prayer. The more we express gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us, the more the blessings will come into our life. Our thoughts and true prayer can help us achieve a lot.
Creative visualization is another method to use this law. It is nothing complicated. It is simply to imagine every detail of what we desire. Many people express inability to visualize. It is not at all complex. Indeed, it is the technique we have always used. I am sure each of us does think about things he wants to eat, or remembers the weekend trip. In this process what we do is visualize. It is the basic power endowed to each individual in this universe. We practice it unconsciously, but when we do it consciously we are moving in the direction of co-creation.
“Thoughts are things”. This is a very true statement. Each of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are real, nothing imaginary and unrealistic about them. They have life and spiritual substance. Every experience that we go through has its origins in the non physical. Each thought that is born in our mind is a seed. Each time we think about that idea we are watering it and fertilize it when we put it emotion into the thought. The more we strongly believe in our desire and visualize it, the faster it will become a reality in our life.
All this has a lot of proof present all around us. People who are positive are reassured about their optimism by the results of their actions. Likewise, pessimists too bear the results of their actions. A pessimist usually focuses his thoughts on what he is concerned about. As a result, he ends up creating more of what he/she is worried about. A pessimist can definitely bring about a change to what he creates by initiating a change in what he thinks and focuses on.
Everything that happens- happens for good. I am a firm believer in the above statement. The Laws of the Universe are always functioning for our good. It is up to us to be aware of them and use them for our benefit. The Law of Attraction is a great way to make this world more enjoyable and peaceful to live in.

Energy Affirmations

There are two common fallacies about ENERGY that we need to understand. The first is that 'lacking energy' means you need to rest. The second is that energy is a 'physical' thing.

Let’s look at the first fallacy. Most people believe, or at least accept, that lacking physical energy usually means that we need to slow down. In fact, what a 
lack of energy usually indicates is a need for more physical activity, not less. There are a couple of provisos to this. If one is recuperating from an illness, or has a medical condition, then your lack of energy may be improved with rest. But only your physician can determine this. Simply thinking that your energy is spent because you are over-worked is not a valid pretext.

The second fallacy is that lack of energy is a physical condition. It is true that we may feel tired ‘physically’, but at the root of most energy depletion is ‘tired thinking’. Old beliefs combined with negative aphorisms create a mindset that affects our physical energy. We think about those things that negatively effect our lives. We say, or think to ourselves:
I don’t have the energy... I’m too tired... I’m exhausted... I’m over-worked... I need a break... I can’t handle all this stress... I should have stayed in bed... I’m sick and tired of… Life’s a drag!

What we think automatically affects how we feel. It is impossible to feel energetic if we exercise tired thinking. When we dwell on those things in life that drain us – trying relationships, boring work, mounting bills, negative people – we not only spend an immense amount of mental energy, but we also feel it physically.

Try saying “I’m exhausted” and imagine a scenario that has caused you to say this. Where is your 
energy level? Now move your thoughts to something that you really enjoy doing. Imagine doing it right now. Where has your energy level gone now?

The secret to abundant energy is simply this: Focus your mind on energizing thoughts, and invigorate your body with regular exercise. Put the two together on a daily basis, and you will become a human dynamo in no time!

All the energy I require is mine for the asking.

All the positive energies of the universe are flowing through me.

As I breathe slowly and deeply, I become more relaxed and energized.

Being energized is easy when I am living my purpose.

Boundless energy infuses my body and soul.

Divine energy is flowing through me with every breath I take.

Each day I wake up with more energy than the day before.

Endless energy is always available to me when I am working towards my dream.

Even at the end of the day, I feel energized and alive.

Every day my body is recharged and empowered with increased energy.

Every day my 
energy levels increase dramatically.

Every day, I gain more energy and vitality.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more energized.

Everyone I meet is refreshed by my positive energy and drive.

Everything I do increases my energy.
"Energy is the power that drives every human being. It is not lost by exertion, but maintained by it.” - Germaine Greer

Exercise provides me with endless amounts of energy and stamina.

Having abundant energy is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling daily.

I absorb 
universal energy like a sponge.

I allow the invigorating energy of the universe to revitalize every cell in my body.

I always make time to replenish my energy levels.

I am a beacon of positive energy.

I am a dynamic person.

I am a human dynamo.

I am a resilient and energetic person.

I am active, fit and full of vitality.

I am creating a lifetime of energy and vitality.

I am directly connected to the source energy of the universe.

I am energetic and alive at all times.

I am energetic and vibrant.

I am energy personified.

I am filled with energy and drive.

I am filled with more than enough energy to do all I want to do.
"The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” – Norman Vincent Peale

I am forever full of life.

I am like a Duracell battery. I just keep going, and going, and going.

I am one with the source energy of the universe.

I am open to receive all the positive energies of the universe.

I am overflowing with positive energy.

I am the embodiment of vitality.

I am well connected to my own energy source.

I become more energetic every day.

I can maintain 
high energy levels for long periods of time.

I charge my energy levels with continual optimism.

I commit myself to developing the highest level of energy in my life.

I conserve my energy whenever required.

I create all the energy I require by focusing on my dream.

I do everything I can, every day, to bring positive energy into my life.

I draw upon my energy reserves whenever required.

I easily increase my energy levels by thinking energizing thoughts.
"Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.” – William James

I eat all the right foods for optimum health and energy.

I energize my life at every opportunity.

I energize myself through daily exercise, nutritious eating, and quiet meditation.

I enjoy high energy levels throughout the day.

I enjoy more energy now than ever before.

I exercise daily to create immense energy reserves.

I feel energized and alive.

I feel totally invigorated by each positive action I take.

I fill every aspect of my life with immense positive energy.

I focus my energy on what I want in life, and it never fails me.

I free my energy by doing those things that delight and inspire me.

I have a dynamic personality.

I have abundant energy and vitality.

I have all of the vitality and energy I need to live each day to its fullest potential.

I have all the energy I need to fulfill my dreams.

I have all the energy I need to maintain a happy and abundant life.

I have all the energy I need to rise above the challenges in my life.
"Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.” – Sarah Bernhardt

I have all the energy I require to complete any task.

I have all the energy I require to work toward my dreams.

I have an abundant supply of energy.

I have boundless amounts of energy whenever I require it.

I have incredible energy and stamina.

I have incredible staying power.

I have more energy and stamina than ever before.

I have more than enough energy and enthusiasm to complete today’s tasks.

I have more than enough energy to do everything I want and need to do.

I have plenty of energy to accomplish all my desires and goals.

I have the energy and stamina to make my dreams come true.

I have 
unlimited energy reserves.

I increase my physical energy by thinking energizing thoughts.

I know how to increase my energy levels through fitness and healthy eating.

I know how to re-energize myself when needed.

I know that an energized body only comes with an energized mind.
"Energy flows where attention goes” - Michael Bernard Beckwith

I know that energy flows where attention goes.

I know that I have all 
unlimited energy at my disposal.

I know that regular exercise provides a continuous supply of energy in my life.

I know what I want and have all the energy I need to go after it.

I love experiencing the energy that exercise brings.

I love feeling the energy that challenging situations generate.

I love the energy that working out gives me.

I only spend energy on empowering activities.

I possess an endless supply of energy.

I receive a constant supply of energy from the universe.

I regularly do those things which energize me.

I utilize my body’s energy resources in a wise and positive manner.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited energy.

My body resonates at a universal frequency.

My body’s vital energy flows freely.

My dynamic personality brings me abundant energy.

My endless energy comes from my dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

My energy and enthusiasm increases daily.
"The key that unlocks energy is desire… If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited.” – Earl Nightingale

My energy and strength are interminable.

My energy is in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.

My high levels of energy feed my desire for success.

My life force is strong.

My stamina increases daily.

My whole being is full of vitality.

Powerful energy surges through my body.

Revitalizing energy is mine when I am in the zone.

The mere thought of my vision delivers the energy necessary to attain it.

The more energy I have, the more enjoyable each task becomes.

The more energy I require, the more energy my body provides.

The more enthusiasm I feel, the more energy I have.

The more focused I am, the more energy I have.

The more purpose I have in my life, the more energy I have to achieve it.

Today I bless my being with limitless energy.

Universal energy flows through my life.

When I sleep, my body manufactures abundant energy.

While I sleep, my body completely regenerates its energy levels.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more energy into my life.

Working out brings me enormous amounts of energy.