Sunday, May 29, 2011

Power Of Intention

It is important to realize we all have the ability to change our lives, because we do possess the gift that God/Universe has give us which is called "Free Will!" With this gift we are able to decide for ourselves how we want to live our lives.  We do have an ultimate destiny we hope to achieve in this life time, however most of us get wrap up in necessary nonsense to reach our ultimate purpose.  I am hear to tell you that it is never to late to get back on track and start to live the life you meant to live.

 You are the creator of your life, and you need to realize that your thoughts you have today is what shapes your actual future.  So now this is where the POWER OF INTENTION comes in. When you state a desire or action you want to do, you are commending you subconscious mind to create your reality.
Below is some examples of POWER OF INTENTION.

Example #1 

A child of 6-8 years old might be thinking about: I want to learn how to ride a bike, now this is what starts to happen in the child's outside world.

1)HE/SHE tells her parents or close family that they want to ride a bike. 
2) Now they start practicing riding a bike, as often as they can until they get it right.

This is just a quick example how Power of Intention works.  The key to this is "Inspired Action!" Do you think if he  or she did not practice riding a bike , that they would know how to the first time they got on a bicycle.  Chances are not in most cases.  

Example #2

A person who is overweight  might be thinking about:He or She wants to get into shape, and wants to start to eat healthier.    This is what will happen in this person's outside world.

1)  He/She joins a gym, and exercises on a regular basis.
2) Changes their eating habits, eating fruits and vegetables.

After a few weeks of dedication and Inspired action, they will start to see results.

Example #3

A poor man needs money, might be thinking about: He wants to win the lottery.

This is what will happen in this person's outside world.

1) Goes and buys a lottery ticket.
2) Plays regularly until he wins.

No this does not guarantee he will win it big, but will increase his chances because he played the lottery.  Consistency does also help. The power of visualization on a regular basis may also help increase his chances, as long as he brings positive emotion and energy to his visualization.

It is important to remember , The Universe love Action and Speed in order for them to assist you in achieving your desires.   You can do what you set forth to accomplish, is you believe it is impossible. Everyone universe is different, so you can not compare your life to theirs. 

*Change your thoughts, you will change your life!!!

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