Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prayer Precepts For Wealth Building

Keep the light of Christ burning bright within your heart to develop Wealthy Living Faith for answered prayer.  
If you've ever wondered where faith begins, it's within your heart.  This is where you're connected with God.  While He's always leading us upwards towards His blessings, many Christians take their own path.  This is evident by the present declining economy that should instead be flourishing by Christians taking their authority through Jesus Christ.
However, it's never too late.  If Christians would keep their eyes off the system of the world and upon the Kingdom of God they would realize, by faith, God's power and ability in their lives to have what they say. 
In the midst of bad times there is a place of shelter where we can rest as well as prosper, but we must first discover the path.  By looking at Jesus it's easy, without much contemplation, to understand where we should take our first step.
Because Jesus gave His life for us, He is the greatest example of selfless love.  He cared more for us than the pain and suffering He endured on the cross. Therefore, our first step of faith is to desire with all our hearts that others prosper more than we do. We should want for others what we want for ourselves, only more so.  We should love others selflessly the way Jesus has done for us.

Discover The Secrets to Wealthy Living Faith For Answered Prayer
To find God's true secrets of success, all we need is to look at those things in the world which we find evil and do the opposite.  Rather than complain about things we have little power over, we can become powerful through Biblical virtues we have been told to uphold in our daily lives the way Jesus did while He walked the earth.
By identifying with Christ I learned to be thankful for the great things that had happened to others, never allowing myself to be jealous, even though very little good had ever happened to me until I became an adult and learned how to take control over my life.  Later when I began to believe God for more money and to get out of debt, I took that attitude a step farther.  I asked God to bless others more than myself and I meant it.  That's what we all should do for each other.
If you care about others with a pure heart, God's blessings will abound for you because your motives to receive will not be to have power over others or to prove you're better than they are. With a loving attitude you'll not only grow your faith for answered prayer, but you'll become more sensitive, kind and wise; an explosive combination that will get you what you want unselfishly.

How To Understand The Essence Of God's Power
If you want to know the essence of God's power through human understanding, look at the negative elements in life and then switch to the opposite.  Instead of being greedy do the opposite and share what you have.  Instead of becoming worldly powerful, become Godly powerful. And as you learn great wisdom and knowledge, share what you know. 
So love others first and always want them to prosper in all aspects of their lives more than yourself, even if you don't like them. God loves them just as He does you!

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