Friday, February 11, 2011

Win Struggle With Money

Win the Struggle with Money

Do you struggle with money? Maybe it's time to throw in the towel and expend your energy on more important things!

I’m going to give you three definitions, and you guess what the word is. Are you ready?
 #1) to contend or fight violently with an opponent
 #2) to make great efforts or attempts; strive; labor
 #3) to make one’s way with difficulty. If you’ve guessed the word “struggle”, you’re correct. 

But why would we discuss “struggle” in an article about money? Because, so many people seem to “struggle” with money—they struggle to make it, they struggle to keep it, and some even struggle with having too much.
I too, have “struggled” in my financial life—until I made some changes. Not changes in my techniques of handling money or changes in my income, but instead, I decided to get off the money-worry rollercoaster.
In other words, like a person who exits a fight, I stepped out of the ring.
First, I sat down and thought about some of the sayings I’d heard in my own childhood. I quickly realized that I had been conditioned to struggle with money. 
While growing up, I had been taught that it was noble to struggle. Unless there was blood, sweat and tears involved, things weren’t worth doing. The easy way was the lazy way. After all, I should be “pounding the pavement” or “hitting the books.”
How many times have we heard these sayings, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” or “Money is the root of all evil!” or “Don’t be money hungry!”
Hear me people—we’ve been conditioned to believe that having money is hard work. That keeping money is hard work. That having too much money is hard work. In short—that money is hard work.
In order to bow out of the “struggle”, I had to first, see that my beliefs were mere conditioning. 
Next, I just started to accept where I was at financially. Like a dam that gives way and no longer has resistance, things began to flow. The extra energy that I used to expend “struggling” with money worries, I now put into actually making money.
You can do the same. Stop worrying. Stop wrestling in your mind. Just accept where you’re at now and then proceed ahead. Win the struggle with money by eliminating the “struggle”. 
It doesn’t have “to be hard”, it just has “to be”.
Don’t underestimate two things:
First, don’t underestimate the amount of money conditioning you’ve received. It really has shaped your current financial position. 
Second, don’t underestimate the amount of energy you expend in the "struggle" itself. Remember, the old saying says, "It takes two to tangle." If you step out of the ring, there is no "struggle".

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