Thursday, March 10, 2011

Build Wealth

You deserve wealth! Learn how to let go of guilt so you can enjoy prosperity.

You Deserve Wealth

Money: Nothing is more charged with emotion and neurosis. It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. I disagree. I believe that it is only when our love of money is in conflict with our love of people, that harm is created.

Prosperity is our right. Healthy wealth doesn’t deprive, it only offers: charity, jobs, benefactors, opportunities and inspiration. Unfortunately, much wealth comes from a sick soul. Oppression, exploitation, and other forms of greed leave us apprehensive about the nature of wealth. Since none of us want to be poor, we who are spiritual have great internal conflict. At what cost is our good fortune? Thankfully, there is a cure for this conundrum. By  understanding how we can have a healthy relationship with money, we can have both financial freedom and a clear conscience. 

Arnold Patent; author of You Can Have It All, says: “Money is nothing but energy. We know that all energy is love; therefore money and love are equivalent.”
Healthy wealth can be defined as, the ability to provide and maintain an appropriate standard of security and comfort. The problem is that many of have such low self-worth, that what we consider appropriate for ourselves is actually deprivation. We deny ourselves. As spiritual people, many of us will walk around naked to clothe someone else. We believe this is noble. We are right. But we forget that there is enough in the universe for all, and that no loving God would deprive any of us. He doesn’t. The Universe created us equal, and would like us to share the world’s wealth and resources equally. The Universe does not create poverty. This is the domain of the human failing of greed. 
We deserve affluence.

We sabotage ourselves instead.We splurge, gamble, waste, mismanage, and turn down opportunities to move ahead. This is not because we lack intelligence (there are many brilliant and impoverished), but because we unconsciously feel unworthy. Why? Though self-esteem is a very complex issue, often, unnecessary guilt is a major factor in pushing away success. Guilt is a noiseless mantra that says: “You don’t deserve, you don’t deserve, you don’t deserve.” There are many excuses for guilt, but rarely any reasons. Often, perfectionists carry extra guilt. Though perfectionism is praised in our competitive world, it is a detriment to our mental health. Accepting and learning from mistakes is healthy. Reliving them again and again, and cursing them is not.

Letting go of guilt is a daunting task. For many, feeling undeserving allows us to stay in a comfortable rut. For example, though we may hate our dead-end job, we know our dead-end job. We know the people, the routine, and who’s going to nag us at precisely what hour. Often, letting go of guilt means letting go of familiarity. 
Moving ahead means leaving behind. 

Releasing guilt is about challenging perspective. Often, we attribute a chaos-causing power to ourselves that we simply don’t have. We blame ourselves when it rains. Also, many of us remember things inaccurately, especially regarding early childhood. This is why so many children blame themselves for their parent’s divorce. Sharing memories with an objective, sensitive person can shed new light on old perceptions. A trip down memory lane with someone that cares about and supports our growth- is a brave step in the right direction. 
Changing the blame cycle includes crediting ourselves, at least inwardly, for the positive things that happen. This is healthy. Through our thoughts and actions, all of us have created both positive and negative in life. Most of us seem to expect only the results of the negative. This is the essence of anxiety: Awaiting an undefined doom. It may be helpful to remember that when Jesus said, “You will reap what you have sown,” he meant both the bad and the good.

Patience is Prosperity.
Immediate gratification: Our culture celebrates it. Overcoming this mentality is part of what separates those who struggle from those who succeed. Those with patience never settle; realizing that they deserve abundance, they wait for affluence to arrive. In contrast, impulsive people deprive themselves, grabbing whatever is immediate even if it’s substandard. After all, they tell themselves, nothing better will arrive. This means gambling instead of investing, renting instead of mortgaging, and always buying at full price. 

How do we know when we’ve found balance between indulgence and denial? Neither is desirable. When we squander we destroy the future, and when we hoard we can’t enjoy the present. One characteristic of inner stability is the combination of a hopeful attitude towards the future and contentment in the current moment. Having prosperity-consciousness is more than just wealth. It is a holistic outlook that extends worldwide. The healthy-wealthy understand that money doesn’t exist in a vacuum: For someone to receive, someone has to give. The rewards of abundance also carry responsibility. How we distribute the energy of money is important

What we give returns to us multiplied.

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