Friday, March 4, 2011

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to experience things which make us happy. Each one of us has a lot of wants and wishes which have remained unfulfilled. But it is our desires that bring unhappiness to our life. Equip yourself with the basics of law of attraction and you will become empowered enough to drive your life to happiness.
Desire, perhaps, is the most wonderful thing one can experience. The reason why this world came into existence is this desire. It is due to desires only that we come together, physically and metaphysically to create new life.
Every one of us would be delighted if we had a magic mantra or a genie who would make true every wish that we have garnered in our life. But the fact is we need not possess anything like a mantra or genie to make this happen. There is a lot of power endowed into us. We just have to discover and unleash it for our benefit.
The Bible has said that we, human beings, are the image of God. It also says the results that we experience are due to the actions we have taken in the past. That is we create and by that we are God, endowed with power of creation. We can co- create what we desire by our unwavering focus on our thoughts. Prayer is a beautiful way to ask for God’s help and the best prayer is to imagine to already have what we desire and express gratitude for the same. This is called affirmative prayer. The more we express gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us, the more the blessings will come into our life. Our thoughts and true prayer can help us achieve a lot.
Creative visualization is another method to use this law. It is nothing complicated. It is simply to imagine every detail of what we desire. Many people express inability to visualize. It is not at all complex. Indeed, it is the technique we have always used. I am sure each of us does think about things he wants to eat, or remembers the weekend trip. In this process what we do is visualize. It is the basic power endowed to each individual in this universe. We practice it unconsciously, but when we do it consciously we are moving in the direction of co-creation.
“Thoughts are things”. This is a very true statement. Each of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are real, nothing imaginary and unrealistic about them. They have life and spiritual substance. Every experience that we go through has its origins in the non physical. Each thought that is born in our mind is a seed. Each time we think about that idea we are watering it and fertilize it when we put it emotion into the thought. The more we strongly believe in our desire and visualize it, the faster it will become a reality in our life.
All this has a lot of proof present all around us. People who are positive are reassured about their optimism by the results of their actions. Likewise, pessimists too bear the results of their actions. A pessimist usually focuses his thoughts on what he is concerned about. As a result, he ends up creating more of what he/she is worried about. A pessimist can definitely bring about a change to what he creates by initiating a change in what he thinks and focuses on.
Everything that happens- happens for good. I am a firm believer in the above statement. The Laws of the Universe are always functioning for our good. It is up to us to be aware of them and use them for our benefit. The Law of Attraction is a great way to make this world more enjoyable and peaceful to live in.

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