Friday, March 25, 2011

Gratitude Journal

How to Create a Gratitude Journal


A black/ Blue Pen
A blank Journal or Spiral Notebook
Favorite Magazines or Used Newspaper
Glue Stick
Colored Markers

If you want to change your life, you need to learn how to appreciate what you have now.  This is where the Gratitude Journal comes in. The Gratitude Journal will help you become a magnet to positive change. It will help you focus on all the wonderful things that are in your life.  Below you will see how easy it is to start your very own Gratitude Journal.

Step One: Cut out pictures from magazine that remind you what are grateful for.

Exp: Picture of your House, Family, Car ..etc.  You can even cut out great words to describe your feelings.

After you cut out your photos, clue them to your blank page and write a caption of your picture and write that you are grateful for ??? Fill up your page with as many pictures as you like. This will make this fun, and you will want to do this daily.  

* Remember this is yours to have fun with, there is no wrong way  to do this. You can be grateful for your boss, you can be grateful for being first in line in the supermarket... etc.  

If you do this religiously, day after day. You will notice that your days will get better, and you will have more to be grateful for .

*** I would love to hear from you, and what has happened in your life since you started your Gratitude Journal!**

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